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watersports unknown In BDSM terminology, refers to sensual or erotic play involving bodily fluids , typically urine, saliva, and less commonly, blood. Considered ‘edge-play’, because it is obviously somewhat unhygenic.

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Similar to water boarding but with the sense of pleasure instead of torture. It consists of massive amounts of urine to ones face with plastic wrap covering it so the recipient can feel the warmth of urine and also experience the feeling of drowning as well. Similar to a hot carl.

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Urolagnia (also known as urophilia) is a sexual fetish with a focus on urine and urination.People with urolagnia often like to urinate in public, or urinate on, or be urinated on by other people, and may also drink the urine. The consumption of urine is urophagia.Some like to watch others doing these things. These activities are often described by the euphemisms “golden showers” or “watersports”.

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Low quality porn of an oligarch’s coronation with cheap russian whores starring as the champagne bottles.

What does water sport mean in Urban Dictionary?

What does water sport mean in Urban Dictionary?: Watersports enthusiasts enjoy not only the skin of their partners but in addition the secretions that circulation as a result. This fetish may also add…

What does watersport mean in Urban Dictionary?

What does watersport mean in Urban Dictionary? January 26, 2019 Urban Dictionary. Link to this page. A sexual paraphilia or fetish. Person gets aroused whenever views someone wetting his or her jeans or simply just becoming wet (like underneath the bath or in the share).

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Yellow, salty arromatic fluid regulated and expelled from the human body by the consumption of liquids. Disposal is often transferred from the body into toilets, urninals, out of doors and piss buckets.

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n. Excessive abuse or criticism A word created by applying the prefix dis-, meaning the opposite of, to the noun adulation, meaning excessive flattery or admiration.

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Water sports definition, a sport played or practiced on or in water, as swimming, water polo, or surfing. See more. British Dictionary definitions for water sports. water sports. pl n. various sports, such as swimming, water-skiing, or windsurfing, that take place in or on water.