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SI 31G Geiger Muller counter tube designed for. Lot for 1 pcs SI-31G (CI-31G) Soviet Geiger Counter. Main characteristics of α-radiation counters and detectors at temperature 20 ± 5 ° С.

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Product Description: USSR Military DP-5V Geiger Counter (COMPLETE KIT, WOODEN BOX NOT INCLUDED). New and never used (with seal). DP5V Measures: 0 – 200 Roentgens Per Hour 0 – 5000 Milliroentgens Per Hour Unit has six ranges that are switch selectable. Uses 2 Geiger Mueller Tubes. Probe shown with beta shield open.

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DP-5B (дп-5б) Geiger counter (radiac) Manufacturer: Unknown Made in year (s): mid 60s-early 80s Country of origin: U.S.S.R. Status: Working, last calibration March 1990 The DP-5B, or дп-5б in Cyrillic, is an army radioactivity contamination (radiac) intensity metering device used in the former Soviet Union.

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sbt-10a soviet geiger muller gm counter tube СБТ-10А nos tested lot of 1 pcs.

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The Polish DP-66 is a Soviet-era Geiger Counter that was standard issue among all Warsaw pact nations. With a time-proven design, the DP-66 can be as accurate and reliable as modern day military issue Geiger counters. While most of the DP-66’s we have inspected were made in the 1970s, the log books show that these units were calibrated

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Geiger counter hack: simply homemade, uses Soviet era Geiger counter (pancake) detector tube All that is needed to make that Geiger counter detector tube glow in the dark is the finishing touch – a radioactive source.


DP-5 Soviet Russian Army DOSIMETER GEIGER COUNTER NEW! New, unused surplus in perfect condition! Complete kit. Shipping cost without the wooden …

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Jan 06, 2019 · In this video, I show you the guts of the Soviet DP-5V or DP-5B Geiger counter. This is one of the types that would have been used by the Chernobyl liquidators! Shot entirely in upside-down vision!

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