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Lollo Rosso (red coral lettuce) Lollo Bionda (pale green) and Lollo Rosso (red) are terms used referring to types of fancy lettuce with tight curly leaves, otherwise known as coral lettuce. The leaves are produced loosely in a whole head, are tender in taste, with a slight bitterness.

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Lollo rosso (red coral lettuce) is similar to red oak leaf lettuce because it belongs to the variety of lettuce, or you can also read health benefits of oak leaves.Those two vegetables come from India in ancient times and being known as the oldest vegetable for salad.

Lettuce nutrition facts and health benefits

Lettuce nutrition facts Lettuce is one of the favorite green leafy vegetables. Its crispy, green/crimson-red leaves are one of the incredible sources of essential nutrients that benefit health.

Red coral lettuce ‘Lollo Rossa’ (Lactuca sativa var

The classic ‘Lollo Rossa’ is a red-leaved coral lettuce with strongly curled leaves. It grows slightly less dense than the green lollo variant. Lettuce leaves can be continuously harvested from the outside inwards, the plants keep growing.

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Red leaf lettuce is easily recognized by its loose clump of leaves tinged with shades of red to dark reddish-purple. It has about the same nutritional profile as green leaf lettuce and romaine, but romaine has double the vitamin A. Red leaf lettuce has a shorter shelf life than other varieties of lettuce, but all types are highly perishable and should be consumed within one week.

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A delicate coral with flat, thin, upright plates, the thin leaf lettuce coral (Agaricia tenuifolia) forms elongated colonies which are brown, greenish or rust coloured with pale margins and orange tentacles .On reefs exposed to particularly high energy waves, the thin leaf lettuce coral forms box-like networks that are resistant to wave destruction.

Class: Anthozoa

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Red leaf lettuce is similar to romaine lettuce, except it has red-tinged leaves. Lettuce is most often eaten raw in salads, but it can also be braised, steamed, sautéed and even grilled to create a different addition to an entrée or side dish.

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Lettuce Looseleaf type Red Coral . Beautiful heirloom, attractive smooth non-hearting, red leaves with frilled edges. Sow autumn and spring. Onion – Long Tropea Red. Lettuce – Dov. Watermelon – Sugarbaby. Beetroot – Bull’s Blood. Petunia – Budget Mixed. Pea – Sugarsnap – Bush Type. Tomato – …

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Pectinia lactuca is a zooxanthellate coral, meaning that it obtains most of its nutrients from single-celled algae, known as zooxanthellae, which live within its tissues.The zooxanthellae produce energy-rich nutrients through photosynthesis, and in return receive a protected, stable environment, access to sunlight, and waste nutrients from the coral.

Class: Anthozoa

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Frisée. Photo by Chelsea Kyle, Food Styling by Olivia Mack Anderson. Alternate names: Curly …