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Learn Everything From How to Pronounce It to When It Erupted. It is located near the south shore between Mt. Hekla and Mt. Katla, two active volcanoes. Also an active volcano, Eyjafjallajökull is completely covered in an ice cap that feeds to several outlet glaciers. At its highest point, the volcano stands 5,417 feet tall, and the ice cap covers nearly 40 square miles.

How to pronounce “Öræfajökull”, the latest Icelandic

Read more: Newscasters struggle to pronounce Iceland’s volcanoes And as Andrei points out: It’s very important to add a small clicking sound at the end, because two L’s in a word are often pronounced with a soft click in Icelandic.

How to pronounce ‘Eyjafjallajokull’ (Icelandic volcano

Answer Wiki. Eyjafjallajokull of course means island mountain glacier and is actually the name of the glacier that is on the volcano. Most if not all volcanoes in Iceland are named for the glacier that sits on top of the volcano. The eyja part is easy and the fjalla isn’t tough either. The …

How to pronounce the name of Icelandic volcano Öræfajökull

How to pronounce the name of Icelandic volcano Öræfajökull. Andrei Menshenin runs Flugblogg, an aviation blog in Reykjavik. He says the name of the volcano consists of two Icelandic words. The first “oraefi,” meaning wasteland, and the second “jokull,” meaning glacier. In the video above, Menshenin demonstrates how to pronounce this volcano’s difficult name. “Öræfajökull, so simple!”. Menshenin says.

How to pronounce the name of Iceland’s latest volcano

How to pronounce the name of Iceland’s latest volcano. The word involves a linguistic feature known as pre-aspiration, in this case affecting the consonant group ‘tl’. In simple terms, an ‘h’ sound should be inserted before the ‘tl’ – it’s not [kat-la], but [kaHt-la].

How to Pronounce Eyjafjallajokull, the Icelandic Volcano

If the Icelandic volcano that started it’s big show in March does not go down in history, it’s only because no one will remember what it was called. TIME reporter Krista Mahr tells us how to say its name correctly

Can You Say ‘Eyjafjallajokull’? Icelandic Volcano’s Name

Icelandic Volcano’s Name Is A Tongue-Twister. One thing you won’t hear too often, at least on U.S. broadcast outlets, is an attempt to pronounce the name of the glacier — Eyjafjallajokull — under which the volcano lies and from which it gets its name. The Associated Press offers this pronouncer:

How to pronounce Eyjafjallajokull:

How do you say Eyjafjallajokull in English? Pronunciation of Eyjafjallajokull found 1 audio voice and 2 Meanings for Eyjafjallajokull.