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The current time in United States is . To call numbers that appear on these directories listed below use the local country code 00 + 1 + Local number* *If the local number starts with a 0, omit it, so for example 043 77865 would be dialled as 00 49 43 77865. Give us Feedback. We would love to hear your opinion about our international directories site.

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USA Phone Directories. Not strictly a telephone directory, this site is a (limited) free “people search engine” that locates people in the US from public records. Better for finding street addresses than phone numbers, and some of the data is years old. To access the …

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Numberway is an international directory of white pages and yellow pages phone books, and online directory enquiries. It’s a free, independent and up-to-date guide to telephone directories on the web.

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Directory Enquiries. For local directory inquires, dial 411. If you need assistance for other areas dial 1 plus the three-digit area code of the place you want to call, followed by 555-1212. Note that this call will be charged as a long-distance call.

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Our free USA yellowbook directory enquiries include white pages, yellow pages and email address lookup. Yellow Books of USA Search yellow pages for a business address or …

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Search The Phone Book from BT to find contact details of businesses and people across the UK, or UK and country dialling codes.

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US West US West’s nationwide yellow pages. Includes access to a nationwide white pages directory for businesses and people from four11. Reverse search, for business numbers only. BigYellow Nynex Interactive Yellow Pages BigYellow: national USA yellow pages, plus a …

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Get Access to Directory Enquiries. Tired of paying more than £1 to get a number from 118 services? Don’t do it! Our free directory enquiry service lets you find UK telephone numbers for nothing! Access Millions of People not in the Phonebook . About Us; Partner with 192.com

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About 192.com. 192.com is the UK’s leading directory for finding people, business and places . Established in 1997 by Alastair Crawford, founder of UK–Info Disk and Wasabi.com, the multi award winning 192.com has over 6 million regular users accessing unequalled breadth and depth of data.

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North America. In the North American Numbering Plan (covering Canada and the United States ), directory assistance may be contacted by dialing 4-1-1 (one of the N11 codes ). To get a listing in a remote or non-local area code, directory assistance is available at 1- area code -555-1212.

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International White and Yellow Pages (www.wayp.com) International telephone directory, inquiry names, addresses, telephones and faxes. USA – USA 800 – Canada – France – Germany – Germany yellow – Spain – India – India yellowpages – South Africa-United Kingdom – China – Taiwan – Ireland – Poland – …

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UK Directory Enquiries Just Ask Us And We’ll Find It! BUSINESS LISTINGS. Searching for a business or contact? We have comprehensive directory listings for all types of businesses and organisations. UK RESIDENTIAL LISTINGS. Need to find a person? We have extensive residential directory listings for people across the UK.

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Essential Info for London Figure out when to go, how much you’ll spend and how to get around the busy capital.