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Melania Trump Worked As A Prostitute 120. Melania Trump used to be a hooker, I know this from firsthand experience. She is denying this. It’s already been proven that Melania Trump is a liar. She lied about having graduated from college, which was a laughable claim as if models know how to read.

Why Melania Trump’s Nude Photos Matter | HuffPost

Aug 08, 2016 · Why Melania Trump’s Nude Photos Matter. I don’t care if Melania Trump hosts dominatrix-themed Tupperware Parties or is starring in the upcoming Madonna Sex book 3-D movie, or creates dinner ambience by placing scented candles in her vagina. Her sex life, and her sex photos, are nobody’s business.

Melania Trump Sues The Daily Mail for Reporting She Was a

Melania Trump Sues The Daily Mail for Reporting She Was a Prostitute. Melania Trump, the wife of the sharp-tongued GOP presidential candidate, on Thursday filed a lawsuit in state court in Montgomery County against a popular British news website, claiming it damaged her reputation by reporting that she worked as an escort,

What Do Melania Trump, Prostitution And Gawker Have In

The attorney that helped bring down Gawker is eyeing other news outlets for publishing prostitution rumors about Melania Trump. Melania Trump, the wife of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, has threatened defamation lawsuits against several news organizations for publishing stories claiming that she is a former escort,

Congressional candidate compares Melania Trump to prostitute

A congressional candidate from Oregon has caused an uproar on social media after comparing first lady Melania Trump to a prostitute.

Melania Trump to Sue Anyone Calling Her an Ex-Hooker

Melania Trump Threatens to Sue Anyone Claiming She Used to Be a Hooker. The article said some models would offer two business cards — one for modeling, and one for sex. The Mail said the author of the magazine piece stood by his reporting but refused to corroborate his claims.

Is Melania Trump the First prostitution whore of the White

Sep 09, 2017 · Read Melania Trump’s lawsuit over the Daily Mail’s retracted escort story. Richard Painter, who advised former President George W. Bush on ethics, said the language in the lawsuit shows Trump is engaging “in an unprecedented, clear breach of …

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Donald Trump Prostitution Pimping Scandal Exposed

Aug 12, 2015 · Everyone in the media has been engaging in slander damage control and talk around the issue that Donald Trump is nothing more than a charlatan no good fake wig wearing Pimp. Look at someone like Donald Trump, he married a prostitute, but through marriage, Melania was able to trade in the “prostitute” label for a “wife” label.

Axl Rose accuses Melania Trump of being a former hooker

Accusations come amidst speculation regarding the First Lady’s immigration status. As Melania reportedly dropped out of college after just a year before becoming a model, there’s been speculation regarding whether she truly qualified for the EB-1, or if perhaps Donald Trump, whom she met in 1998, had anything to do with the application being approved.

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10 Things You Need to Know About Melania Trump. While Trump was still technically married to wife number two, a 52-year-old Donald set his sights on 28-year-old Melania at Manhattan’s Kit Kat Club. He asked for her number; supposedly, Melania took his number instead and the two began dating a few months later. Here’s how their mostly-muted